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Shreks Swamp


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                                                     Welcome to Shrek and Fiona's house!

             This lego ideas set took me a really long time, but the end results turned out awesome.

                                     This will bring out lego fans and Shrek fans combined!

  • the Shrek set comes with an outhouse featuring the wanted creatures poster, and the door has the iconic crescent moon on the front. the set also comes with the fairy tale book with the front and inside coming straight from the beginning of the movie.

  • For the house its self, it comes with a sign that says Beware Ogre, and the inside has a print for the magic mirror. on the dining table, it comes with chicken, a pumpkin piece (to represent a container found in the 1st movie), a couple of glasses, and (my favorite piece of all) a transparent blue piece with a print of a fairy on it, from the 2nd movie. 

  • The inside of the house also includes a recliner, found in the 2nd movie, a bookshelf, 2 chairs for Fiona and Shrek, and the cauldron with rats hanging from it. also comes with a rocking chair, and a cradle for the babies to sleep in.

  • The set comes 7 Minifigure, Well... more like 6 and a brick-build Minifigure
           Fiona, Shrek, Puss in Boots, Donkey. And also comes with Shreks babies!!! Farkle, Fergus, and Felicia. 

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