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Mountie Rear Mounted forklift truck


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Mountie forklifts are used by trucks when they are delivering palletised items to places that may not have a forklift available. For travel they are mounted on the back of the truck or trailer and lift up clear of the road.

As a model to make, it was surprisingly complicated (and frustrating!). I wanted to capture the steering single wheel, but in order to do so I had to fix the lift mast. Ideally I wanted the mast to move forward and back. Because of the construction I also had to use the ‘old style’ forklift mast – then one without the ratchet mount and a thinner more flexible carriage. I also tried to maintain the proportions of the forklift, in order to do that I had to change the driving position to a sideways one. Like on an electric reach truck. Having a forward facing driver made the vehicle look too long and it didn’t ‘look right’ when mounted on the back of the cargo truck. Having tried many, many constructs this published one is the most pleasing – visually and technically.

The mount onto the back of the cargo truck (60020) is pretty simple and could easily be fitted to many other Lego City trucks. The numberplate and light clusters can be swapped from forklift to truck if it is not being carried.

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