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Chipotle Mexican Grill


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Chipotle has always been one of my favorite fast-food restaurants, and today I am presenting this Chipotle inspired project for you to support. Including over 2,700 pieces and six minifigures, this build would be perfect for any true Chipotle fan.

  • The build

Containing 2,709 parts, six minifigures, and a whole bunch of accurate details, I think this build really pays tribute to Chipotle restaurants. The overall build contains many aspects that really highlight it as a Chipotle restaurant. I included "almost" everything that the Chipotle I modeled this after contains. (I did not include a bathroom, and there are not as many seats in the seating area) 

One of the main parts of this moc is the outside look of the build. I made it almost perfect to the original Chipotle that I modeled this after. There is a Chipotle logo, three street lights, and a sidewalk that customers can access. Another feature that I included is the overhanging sign. I used a very old and rare piece for the poles, and they make it appear like the sign is actually being held up.

I also wanted to include many details that are in the real Chipotle restaurant. One of those details I included is the take-out area. This is the section where your online orders get processed. I also included the take-out order shelf, where the customer receives his food he has ordered.

Another feature I added are all the unique chairs. I just attached two handle bar pieces to the bottom of a 2 by 2 tile plate, and that is what makes up the structure of each chair.

Major details:
  • full detailed kitchen
  • take-out section
  • full seating area
  • menu signs 
  • Chipotle logo
  • full exterior design
  • six minifigures to accompany the build

  • Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set?

Chipotle has almost always been on my top ten list of food chain restaurants that I like and enjoy. I think this would be perfect for all the Chipotle fans out there to have on display, or just for them to enjoy or play with.

With all the cool details and features of this build, I hope you will consider supporting this idea. Thanks for checking this build out!

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