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Technic Remote Control Flatbed Truck


Hello everyone,

I have always wanted a big truck with a flatbed trailer by LEGO. For me it was the missing piece among my workforce of cranes, dippers and excavators. Transporting big building parts, equipment or various excavators on a flatbed bed truck provides a better, more realistic playing experience.

So here it is:

The remote controlled Flatbed Truck!

The Truck features...

  • remote controlled steering,
  • remote controlled driving,
  • remote controlled lifting of rear axle,
  • the doors and the hood open,
  • driving lights.

The Flatbed Trailer features...

  • remote controlled loading ramp,
  • remote controlled supporters,
  • a 48cm long loading bay.

The whole setup is 99cm long, with lowered loading bay more than 110cm!

Look at the pictures above. How nicely the ramp comes down and extends on its own! I like this part the most. You can also use the truck and trailer independently as both have battery packs on them. The truck has a power motor that is geared down for strength, and a normal motor for steering. It is able to pull the setups nicely as shown in the pictures.

The trailer is very stiff, you can even load the dipper truck onto it, with a full load! Two opposite facing excavators work as well! The supporters of the trailer can lift it up from the locking at the truck. The ramp can be lowered beneath the surface that the trailer is standing on, useful on a uneven surface.

A hood that opens and reveals the pistons, doors that open, mirrors and driving LED lights in the front are just some of the extras. The model is to scale with the other trucks, cranes and excavators by LEGO - perfect for a big construction site!

I hope you enjoy this model as much as I do!

Thank you for your support and comments.

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