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Samurai Natalie Breez


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Natalie Breez is back as a Samurai warrior ready to fight against evil. Imagine Makuhero City's finest aiding your Ninjago or Monkey Kid heroes in defeating villains and saving the day.

Natalie Breez is a popular character from the classic Hero Factory toyline that ran from 2010-2014 as a successor and predecessor to Bionicle, a line of buildable action figures. Other Natalie Breez figures pictured for scale and reference, not to be included.

Breez is fully articulated, 22 points of articulation, including articulated fingers, articulation in the wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, waist, hips, knees, and ankles. Natalie Breez Minifigure pictured for scale and reference, not to be included.

Breez uses parts that are entirely from this decade including the 'Hero Core' from the new "Monkey Kid: City of Lanterns" (80036) and is economically designed, inspired by the engineering in the set "In Arishem's Shadow" (76155), which is pictured for scale and reference, not included.

Breez uses the popular six-shooter, first seen in 2015 with the Bionicle Generation 2 sets giving her the ability to fight against evil.

It's been a long time since one of Lego's in-house robot brands existed as a set with the last Bionicle set being Agil (601602) in 2016. Pictured for scale and reference, not to be included. With your help we can even in a small way bring back these iconic brands and Breez could be a nice addition to your Hero Factory or Bionicle collection.

If you feel this is a good idea, please support this project and if you'd like to see Bionicle and Hero Factory return someday I suggest making your own Ideas projects as well the more the merrier. Let's win this.

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