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Secret of the Orbs: Matthew Duel's Headquarters


Experience the building that started it all! With Matthew Duel's Headquarters from Secret of the Orbs, you can relive every scene from the upcoming film Secret of the Orbs, courtesy of 1P Entertainment. This is one of my main ideas that I have worked very hard on, and we at 1P Entertainment hope to reach our goal of 10,000 supporters, here on LEGO Ideas.


The set contains around 450 pieces, and contains 6 minifigures. The building itself will have two floors, followed by the roof, as shown in the second image shown at the top of this idea. The building also contains a meeting room on the second floor, with one table, and six seats around it.


Here are the details of the entire building itself:

  1. The main building has two floors and a roof, as I stated before.
  2. The main lobby contains a security check-in, and two doors on both sides, including a door to the security room.
  3. The second floor contains an entire meeting room, as I also stated before.
  4. There is a lot of room around the table for you to add your custom furniture, like a bathroom, kitchen, and much more!


The minifigures, with their names, are shown with the breakdown of the building at the top.


Updates will arrive when necessary. Let's make this set become a reality!

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