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Stardew Valley Farmhouse


Stardew valley Farmhouse!

This is a Farmhouse from the popular video game 'Stardew Valley'. The farmhouse was created within 3 days and has approx 466 bricks. This model includes a wood storage shed (to the left of the house) and a chest on the side to simulate the chest in the game where you would put all your rubbish.In the house there is...

  • A bed
  • A chimney
  • A table and chair to go with it
  • A Television with the weather forcast on

Minifigs include;

  • A male farmer with replaceable hair so he can become female 
  • Robin the carpenter with a hammer

I built this model because I was inspired by stardew valley and also wanting to build a lego house badly.

I believe this would make a great lego set as it is based on a widely popular game and I think it will attract people to it- I also believe it would make a great lego set as you can re-arrange the furniture inside the house and the main character can be male or female - I believe that is an important asset of a lego set!



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