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Japanese Kimono Wedding Scroll

Japanese Kimono Wedding Scroll is a wonderful model with approximately 1,705 LEGO pieces. My design tried to bring the vibrant and cozy atmosphere of Shiromuku, a Japanese wedding kimono to life. Based on the model, I have two characters: the groom and bride who are placed on a beautiful landscape in Japan. The groom wears a kimono with white inner layers and a solid black outer robe, embroidered with the family crest while the bride wears a Shiromuku, a pure white, embroidered silk kimono. I really love Japanese wedding costumes that are very traditional and elegant. The model shows the essence of a Japanese wedding kimono with exquisite detail and charm through two factors: architecture landscape and color applications.

Architecture landscape: 
I placed the Fuji Mount behind the beautiful traditional Japanese architectural tower and landscape with a nice sky and fireworks to celebrate the cherry blossom in Tokyo. 

Color Applications:
Primary Colors: The scrolling paper base utilizes dark red and tan, while the tower features shades of red and dark green, creating a striking visual contrast.
Secondary Colors: The mountain is depicted in shades of gray and white, while the sky incorporates hues of blue, blue-violet, and lilac, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

All objects are presented well on the scrolling paper as the base. combined with the beautiful colors of each. Those things highlight a whole picture and story that my storytelling. In sum, I believe the Japanese Kimono Wedding Scroll would be a great LEGO set that reflects both the traditional roots and the contemporary appeal of wedding, making it an attractive and relatable theme as everyone loves Japan as well as a nice gift for wedding.

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