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1st-2nd Doctors' TARDIS Interior

The first TARDIS interior ever used. First used in 1963 on an Unearthly Child.

this image shows off the room with the door that leads into the corridors of the TARDIS.

The consoles time rotor can move up and down like on the show. the console contains a grey lever for operating the TARDIS, a red switch used to operate the door, the gauge from the end of an Unearthly Child and the beginning of the Daleks. In this picture you can also see the plant that was actually seen in the show, the wooden chair, and the round coffee table with the model of the Eiffel tower on it.

In this image you can seethe room that is off to the side of the main console room which has some kind of computer in it. The roof of the room is removable for easy access. You can also see the monitor that hangs just above it.

Above view of the room.

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