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1980s Style Korean Police Car Based on Hyundai Stellar

1980s Style Korean Police Car based on Hyundai Stellar 

This Lego set is “1980s Style Korean Police Car based on Hyundai Stellar ”set. The Police car is based on 1980s style Blue and White color painting. I made this set based Korean car Hyundai Stellar model in 1980s which was used for Police car in Korea.
This set consist of 2 minifigures and 1 Police Car. The Police officer minifigure is wearing sky blue police uniform, dark blue pants and police hat. The prisoner minifigure is wearing orange shirt, brown overalls and a hat. Both minifigures have classic lego smile face showing the classicness of 1980s.
The Police Car’s Blue and White color is based on 1980s style Korean Police Car. And main car design is based on the model of Hyundai Stellar. Hyundai Stellar is actually used as Police Car in 1980s. The green licence plate is also very classic style old version licence plate. For the gimmicks, Police Car’s trunk can be opened and can put officer’s stuffs inside as well and also there are movable two wipers made of black antenna bricks on the front bonnet.
pieces : 146 parts(car only)
Width x Length x Height : 6.0 x 13.8 x 6.4(car only)
<Purpose of making this set>
Many different types of 6 stud wide Lego Police Cars have been released for past years. However, There were no Police Car models based on Korean Cars. So I wanted to introduce old Korean style Police Car to the people around the world.
<Reason why I believe this would make a great LEGO set>
This Lego set is simple and has only a few pieces. However, this small set, unlike any other Police Cars that were released in the past, is showing unique design of actual car model Hyundai Stellar and representing the classicness of 1980s of Korea. Therefore, this set can be said to be the best set in terms of uniqueness.

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