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Tetrad Wars - Z'rahk


Somewhere in a distant galaxy, four armies battle for domination.  Fighting for resources, sovereignty, honor and order.  But, only one claim ultimate victory. 

Tetrad Wars is a tabletop strategy game were you collect and build your fleet.  Each faction has its own unique abilities and tech to choose from as you the player collect your ships.  This is a faction kit where you get a base and three ships. I only have a small handful of ships and bases made, but there could be dozens more made: new ship and base classes, outposts, even field hazards.  They’re could even be minifig crewmates that give different perks.  And there’s always adding more factions, like past space themes.

This is the Z’rahk, a warrior race seeking honor from battle.  Their ships are both fast and decently armored, and heavily armed with big guns.

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