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Lego Hero Factory- Jeno Fider


The younger brother of Jeno Vaikan is here!


Jeno Fider is one of the 'S-level Heroes' group members, and he is the younger brother of Jeno Vaikan. He uses mechanic weapons to fight against mechanic villains. He can catch the objects with the Silver Grabber, and cut the villain's weapons with Metal Slicer! The Metal Slicer has an additional little orange blade. Now go to the battle and strike the villains!


-Grab the objects with the Silver Grabber!

-Cut down the villains with the Metal Slicer! (This has an additional orange blade.)

-Stomp with the blades on the back of the Silver Grabber!




*Who is Jeno Vaikan? In you want to know, click this URL:

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