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Modular City Garden


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I am proposing my idea of adding a city garden to the modular landscape. The idea came when I wanted something new to break up the buildings in my city, and thought a city garden would add a lot of color and variety and be a great scene. I modeled this garden to go next to the Parisian Restaurant, so it includes a lot of elements to help tie it in together, such as the archway using the clam shell and croissants, the planted shrubs in front, the hanging flower baskets, and the small gate in the back garden lines up as a rear access for the restaurant workers. I sort of envision this as a possible garden for the restaurant, growing their own food, but could also be modified as a stand alone set to go next to any modular. 


  • Planters with various food growing
  • Flower garden
  • Apple Tree
  • Chicken coop
  • Sunflowers
  • Decorative sunstone in center of garden
  • Water faucet with bucket
  • Sidewalk pattern matches up to other modulars
  • Various animals

The biggest benefit of this becoming an official set is that we would have another offering to the line of modulars without the high cost, growing our cities at a reasonable cost is a great thing! 

Thank you for checking out the city garden, please show your support if you like it and would like to see it become an official Lego set and bring it home to your Lego city scape. Please support here and by sharing the link to wherever you feel it appropriate, thank you so much, I'm very excited about this! 


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