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Customizable Pin Art Toy

Remember that cool pin art toy you played with when you were younger with all that cool texture and fun interactions? Well, how about we make it cooler the only way possible? Make it LEGO!

What actually is it though?
This build is a LEGO recreation of the pin art toy played with by kids. (you know the one) The build contains 170 flat-headed axles that slide through the brick built frame. It has two layers for additional stability and to keep the pins in line and sliding well. There is also a clear screen above the pins that allows them to slide a certain distance but not fall out. I did my best to create a clear unbroken plane, but it was super hard so there are two different options in the pictures.

Obviously the biggest inspiration was the pin art toy itself. But like with all my attempted creations, I created this mostly cause I want it. I have an idea (Cool LEGO pin art toy) and I want it, but it doesn't exist so I must create it myself, and hopefully live up to the concept.

Why should I support it?
Well because it's cool, obviously. Also, this would be a great LEGO Ideas set specifically because it's smaller, which is something not that common in Ideas sets, so it would allow the purchase of LEGO Ideas sets for people with a lower price range.

Also, this would be a great children's toy, and since it's LEGO, it's kind of two-in-one! Obviously the finished set would have to be sturdy to withstand play, but it would be able to function as a smaller set for younger kids, as well as a fidget toy for us "older kids" out there, with a hopefully sleek enough design to function as a desk toy.

This is my first submission so any and all comments, feedback, criticisms, etc are welcome! Thanks for reading this far and I hope you support!

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