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Lego Car Ferry

This is my idea of a larger, minifigure scale, car ferry. I always wanted big car ferries out of lego that could hold a bunch of cars and also have a little indoor space where the minifigures can make themselves comfortable, sit down maybe drink a cup of coffee. Even though the few ferries we've had so far have been great, I feel like few of them are quite at the level I would like to see in a ferry set. So I made my own!

I believe this would make a great set as it would not only make for a great display piece on someone shelf or city, but if built sturdy enough can be an awesome playset for kids as well! I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants a big ferry set. I even thought about making optional wheels to hide under it to make it easier to push back and forth on the floor for added playability, though this didn't make it to this version of the set. The ferry also has some cool features like the opening mechanism of the front and back, as well as a small lifeboat.

This ferry has two lanes for cars and no roof over the car deck meaning that almost any minifig scale car  or truck could fit. A nice small indoor area off to the side where the passangers can sit while the ferry travels across the sea. All the areas of the boat is accessible for minifiugres! My model has around 1800 bricks.

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