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Lego Video Game Collection

The Lego Video Game Collection is a "Collection" of various memorable items from video games Lego has made in the past. This took a lot of time to look at the stuff in-game and put them together with bricks.

My favorite thing in this collection is the mech. I bet you can guess what video game it is from. There is also the control panel that you choose your ship with. don't forget the button and the large one too. There is also the red brick. There are all four different stud types: silver, gold, blue, and purple. Lastly the one which I think is most memorable is the infamous minikit from a whole lot of Lego games.

I would love to have all the things that I love from the Lego games as a set displayed on my shelf and I think that you would too. I would appreciate all of your support.

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