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Zip Line!


A fun weekend activity for Minifigures!

Wooden stairways lead to the top of each tower. Once you reach the top send your Minifigures from one tower to the other on the functioning zip line. As you zip between towers, below you will see a small rocky area with a water fall leading into a stream. A wooden bridge allows your Minifigures to cross the stream and walk between the towers. Take a lunch break on one of the stump seats below the Aspen tree. 

Set total is 771 pieces, including two strings and all Minifigures. Sits on three base plates equaling a footprint of 72 x 16.

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This is a collaborative project. Concept by Robert W. Hall (legorwh1) - Design by Aaron H. Hall (CTDpower). Explicit permission has been received from legorwh1 to use the concept for this project.

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