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1970's Style Clubmans Racer


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Having tested the water with my F1 Type Race Car I have now decided to launch another of my L D D creations, a 1970's style Clubmans racing car.  Clubmans racing was a formula very close to my heart back in my youth and I very much enjoyed creating this design, although this is just the latest of an evolving list of similar models.

As with my F1 type Race Car I have created a model based on the Clubmans concept rather than any real design, but again compromises were necessary.  The real Clubmans formula stipulates that cars must be of a 'spaceframe' design but this is not possible in Lego.  I have therefore tried to suggest this concept with the tube running through the open cockpit area. 

Clubmans cars were famous for having the front mounted engine slightly offset to allow room for the drivers feet and I have included this in the design.  Again as with the F1 car I have designed this model with removable body panels to show off the interior parts like the engine and radiators, etc.

The removable panels in this design are:

  1. The nose cone.
  2. The engine cover.
  3. The fuel tank and rear suspension cover.

It would have been nice to have proper 'wishbone' suspension but there were no Lego parts available, in a small enough size, to accomplish this.

I do hope you like this design and, maybe, you will be interested in my forthcoming model, a more traditional sports racing car.

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