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Santa's Stables


There have been models of Santa's Toy Workshop, winter scene models with Christmas Trees and Sleighs but I have never seen where Santa's reindeer go at night or where his elves sleep at night so I created this model of his stables and the elves’ accommodation. Most of the year the reindeer wander freely in the woods but in preparation for Christmas they have come to stay at the stables for a while.

The Stables - The stables building has a stall for each full grown Reindeer plus one for Rudolf and each stall has hay for food and bedding. The stables also has an area which would normally be where Santa's sleigh is stored but at this time of year it is where presents are kept before they are delivered on Christmas Eve. There is also an office where a senior elf can make sure everything is running smoothly. Stored in the stables you can see various skiing equipment and snow shoes and the stables cat is chasing a mouse.

The stables are modular so play in the building interior is possible - for example the picture shows a reindeer in each stall and elves are looking after them and cleaning up the stalls.

Elf Accommodation - In the Accommodation there are beds for each of the six elves plus a dining area and a fire. Each bed has a bedside table and there are various extras such as cups, wine glass, etc and one of the elves has had a pizza delivered. The Accommodation has a modular roof to aid play.

Reindeer and Sleigh - There are no deer or reindeer in LDD so in this model I have used the 'Foal' to represent the eight initial members of the crew plus 'Bambi' as Rudolf. All nine members of the crew are harnessed to Santa's sleigh and Santa is in the sleigh ready to deliver some presents.

Take-Off and Landing Strip - Santa has a take-off and landing strip cleared on field that is lined by snow covered fir trees.

Ease of Play - The three parts of the overall model are on separate bases for ease of construction and to aid play in different arrangements.

Dimensions - 2538 Bricks, 7 minifigs in total (6 elves plus Santa), 8 Reindeer + Rudolf, 1 Cat and 1 mouse.

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