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Halloween : Spookie Stories


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Halloween has always been my favourite time ! Lights, pumpkin, candies, lots of kids going from one house to another, all dressed in magnificient costums, and halloween parties !!!

Being also a huge fan of Lego, I decided to do it in my own way, by making a kind of Architecture Skyline based on the most common frightening places, to get a little bit of a Halloween feeling anywhere, at anytime !

Will you dare to open the book to read a few tales ?

What does it contains ?
This skyline is composed of 3 parts, each based on the more obvious places to remind horror movies/halloween places. Each parts contains some microscale figurine, to make sure you'll be able to play with this set just as with real minifig-scale sets !

The main part is designed as a skyline, with the overall look set to make it feel like an open book, telling spooky stories about Halloween, containing a witches wood, a frightening cemetery and a haunted house. It also contains 9 nano-statuettes (2 classical statuette, 5 dark wizards, 1 transparent ghost and a custom micro skeletton !), for a total of 480 parts :
  • The wood comes with a microscale version of the "treehouse", based on the official "Tree in the wood" set released by lego, where I added 2 witch huts suspended in the tree. Along this magical old tree, there is a river isolating the wood from the rest of the world, 5 wizards with a cauldron, in a kind of magical ceremony, three different pumpkin, a big spider on its, as well as a witch flying broom and 2 wizard books/parchiaments.
  • The cemetery contains a vault and 9 tombs, where some seem to be moving ... A microscale skeleton is also included, coming out of one tomb, as well as a micro-zombie :O
  • The last part, the haunted house, is inspired from the 10228 set, but with a completely new color scheme (grey, sand green and dark purple) to remind us of the halloween color scheme, built as a modular microbuilding. The entrance has also been updated, with two signs making sure nobody come to this house ! And, of course, the garden contains 3 dead house, a ghost wandering there, as well as a frightening vampire crypte, with the blood-draining micro vampire !

The two add-ons are also based on some of the most famous monster. You first will find a Indigenous village next to a cave, where the people living there seems to have captured dangerous creature, even if the werewolf is still here hidden in the cave ! Will you help them to escape these evil animals ?

The second add-on is designed as a creepy amusement park. And what more creepy than a bad clown ?

Now it's your time to play, think, and tell stories with these little places. I dare you to !

Why making it an official build ?
Microscale is one of the most appreciated theme in the AFOL, and I really think this set can give fun to a lot of us. Moreover, the idea with this build is to launch a new line of product that Lego can give for every particular moment in the year (Christmas, St-Valentin, Carnival, St-Patrick, ...). Each tradition in the world can be adapted in a microscale build, that could be launch as a standalone product, a gift from Lego website, or a promotionnal event.

The inclusion of playable micro-monster is also a huge interest of this set, making it totally playable. You'll be able to use it as a decorative display, as well as any skyline, but also to make story with it.

So, why not ? Now, it's up to you to make it real !!!