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Mining Plinko


Mine out valuable ores with Lego Mining Plinko.  Drop the miners and try to land them in the gold spot.  Includes 4 miners, 3 drop slots, 4 golden mining pickaxes, a glass barrier, 4 end spots(2 copper, a silver, and a gold).  Also includes 17 gold nuggets, 4 silver nuggets, and 4 copper nuggets.  The first obstacles are spinning bars.  Then you encounter the cylinders all the way to the bottom till you land in a ore spot.  You are very likely to land in copper, not as likely to land in silver, and super unlikely to land in gold.  There are 375 pieces in this set: 5 transparent pieces, 25 warm gold pieces, 9 silver metallic pieces, 14 copper pieces, 214 dark stone gray pieces, 100 medium stone gray pieces, and 2 reddish brown, bright reddish violet, bright yellow, and dark green.   

Scoring is as follows: 2 copper ores equal a silver ore, 2 silver ores equal a gold ore, and you need 5 gold ores to win.  In single player mode you try to get 5 gold ores in the fewest turns possible.  In multiplayer you try to get 5 gold ores before anyone else does.  In multiplayer you can either race by dropping them all down at the same time(If you have 4 players, drop 2 miners down at a time), or you can drop them individually.  

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