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Music Box Steps


This vignette is a tribute to the 1932 short comedy film “The Music Box” starring Laurel & Hardy (Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy). In this film, Stan and Ollie operate a delivery company. Their motto: “Tall Oaks From Little Acorns Grow”. It’s their job to deliver a piano to the house at the top of the hill. Or in the film they call it: “The house on top of the stoop.” They see the long stretch of easement steps (The Music Box Steps) that go up to this house. This vignette shows the first portion of those stairs as the hike is very long. Stan and Ollie don’t notice the actual road to that house. So, they decide to lug the piano up all those stairs. The piano gets away from them and rolls down the stairs over and over. The piano is the central character in this film. The piano moves by itself, makes all kinds of piano loud sounds as they carry it, it falls on Ollie’s back, falls into a pond, rolls down the steps 4 times, and experiences a tragic ending. As they push the piano up the stairs, they shout out “Heave-Ho! Heave-Ho!” This is a cry emitted when doing actions in unison that take physical effort. The minifigs in his set include Stan and Ollie, the nursemaid (who is blocked from using the steps), Professor Theodore von Schwartzenhoffen (also blocked from using the steps), the mailman (points out the road they could have used), the policeman (responding to their ruckus), and Susie the horse.

This lego set shows off the use of Terra-Cotta style roofs seen on many California homes. It makes an excellent play set for kids as it comes with a wagon, horse, baby carriage, and six minifigs. It also makes a good display piece and conversation starter.

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