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Brick News: Modular News Studio


Brick News: Assembling the city's best news!

When I was a child I loved the little Lego cameras that came with the police helicopters and I remember specifically asking for a safari truck for my birthday because it had a camera. For some reason I loved cameras and TV when I was a child, it wont be a big surprise to you that I now work in a news organisation as an adult and I felt that it was time that Lego city had a news studio.

Over the last year I have spent thinking about my own company's old newsroom (we moved a few years ago because of an earthquake ruining our old building) and taking inspiration from other newsrooms that are similar to my company's old one.

My final build is a modular style News Studio filled with immense detail including a Brick News billboard, a news set with backdrops, a studio floor with three studio cameras and a teleprompter, satellite dish and receivers on the roof, control room and of course the Brick News Van.

To staff a newsroom takes a bit so my minifig count is quite high (4 presenters, 3 camera operators, a floor manger, makeup lady, bureau chief, news assistant and two live van operators) totaling at 13 minifigures however this could be reduced depending how authentic you wanted to make the newsroom.

I kept playability in mind during the entire design process, so I opted to have a modular style roof for easy access and also allowed the News Studio to split in half for better access. I designed this set with the same dimensions as the modular building series so it fits in with other modular buildings, I have the Parisian Restaurant and The Palace cinema and it locks great to them

Of course the addition of the Brick News van adds another level as you can take it out into your Lego cities and report the news.

So thanks for viewing and please support this project,

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