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Santa Fe B40-8W


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This is the Santa Fe B40-8W #1 out of 83 (500-583).  The Santa Fe strains are some of the coolest trains, this being not only a santa Fe but Burlington Northern aka BN, which merged with SF and became BNSF, one of the most well known train companies. This locomotive was made in the 90's and is BNSF's heritage unit.  Since there were only 83 they are really cool to see and could be considered "rare".
I am making my way to the train industry wanting to be a driver for BNSF and this is the first BNSF I have made.  I think that the company is so cool and I can't wait to get out on the rails.  This color scheme is one of my favorites around today and I though "why not make it and share it with the world!
This would make a fantastic set because it has great quality and kids would love it because you can play with it too!  
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