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Traditional Luthier Workshop


The Workshop building is mainly inspired by French architecture from the 18th century, as well as the atmosphere of small towns and villages. Clay roof tiles and blue window frames give it a warm, homelike atmosphere.
While searching for information about Luthiers from the old days, I found out that they often processed wood and boards themselves, which is why the back of the building contains a carpentry section.

By opening the back wall of the building, it goes into the side part of the workshop, and the set gains twice as much space.
In addition, we can also remove the roof, which contains a tiny room and a second opening wall.

I wanted the set to have a charming atmosphere, reminiscent of small idyllic towns where time flows slowly, a workshop that smells of wood and flowers.

When designing the workshop, I followed engravings and drawings of Luthiers workshops from the 18th and 17th centuries.
They contain usual tools such as hammers and chisels, woodworking hand planes, clamps, but also pressure presses for glued boards or a pedal-driven saw.
All finished and unfinished instruments in the workshop are combined from bricks, I didn't use a ready-made guitar brick because probably every Lego fan prefers to assemble something by himself :)
Instruments includes blocks with two versions of a decorative circle around hole of the instrument called a "rosette".
In the workshop we will find instruments such as mandolins, old versions of guitars and two under-construction cellos.
The second side of the building contains a small shop section with a round shop window, a counter, and instruments for sale.


The set includes two minifigures, in the climate of the father and daughter family- business.
This is not historically correct for old workshops, but as part of the set much more interesting and fits the cozy style of the scene.
They have leather aprons with chisels and tools in pockets, and white shirts rolled up to the elbows.

Why is it worth creating this set?

It is based on a historical theme, refers to noble craftsmanship and instruments, it has warm, cozy village style and unique building.
I invite you all Lego fans to vote! :)

Set contains 1530 bricks, no collisions, no loose bricks.
Photos and graphics in background are created by author of the set

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