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Dude Perfect

Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser

Welcome to my LEGO Dude Perfect build! I was inspired to create this model because of my admiration and love for Dude Perfect. Dude Perfect never ceases to amaze or inspire happiness and a sense of childlike quality to retain for people of all ages. As for the model, it is modular, and can be split up into 4 main sections, the main balcony/building, the putting green/crow's nest, the basketball court and a section of the floor to recreate any awesome trick shot. You can recreate classic Dude Perfect videos, as well as imagine your own! There are loads of details that fans of Dude Perfect will instantly recognize, such as Tyler's world record LEGO walk, the wall of world records, the Overtime set, the golf simulator, the wheel from wheel unfortunate and much more small details, that hardcore fans can find! Finally, of course, you can't forget the main crew with Tyler, Cody, Garrett, Coby and Cory, all recreated in Mini Figure form.
I hope this project excites you all enough to help support it, and to give Dude Perfect and LEGO fans the ultimate set!

Pound it, noggin, see ya!

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