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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Build Your Own Island


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In the infamous new nintendo game Animal Crossing you run around creating your own customizable island, you terraform land, build paths, and found your town! That is exactly what I tried to accomplish with this build, with the path blocks you can create roads throughout the many buildings included           (Starter house, Nooks Cranny, Able sisters, residential services, and the museum) There are also rivers, beaches, flowers, and trees to decorate your village! 

This build would make a cool set because it has good playability and, you can have the same adventurous feel of building your own town as the game!

This set includes the following:
- Museum (182 pieces)
- Nooks Cranny (165 pieces)
- Starter House (129 pieces)
- Able Sisters (151 pieces)
- Residential Services (191 pieces)
- 5 Trees (81 pieces)
- 8 Beach land (21 pieces)
- 9 Flower Land (38 pieces )
- 12 River parts (120 pieces)
- 12 paths (126 pieces)
The whole build contains 1202 pieces.

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