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Boulder Problem

I recently discovered Bouldering and I wish I found out about the sport 10 years ago. It's a great combination of working on your health and problem solving. Each new route (problem) is a fresh challenge in balance, strength, and perseverance.

With this Boulder Problem LEGO set I tried to capture my new found love for Bouldering with my existing passion for LEGO.

The height of the boulder wall is in Minifig scale and measures around 4 meters. The wall contains 3 boulder problems varying in difficulty. The non-occupied studs near the edge of the wall give the set that LEGO feel.

It's actually quite fun to figure out how to climb each route in your mind, or using the Minifig who's standing ready with chalky hands.

The base of the set is the mat at the foot of the boulder wall, it's there to catch you when you fall because Bouldering is done without a rope.

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