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The Mythical Camelot Castle

                                           The Mythical Camelot Castle of Arthurian Legends

After he pulled the magical sword Excalibur from a stone-shaped brick and thus became the rightful King, Arthur built a mythical castle: CAMELOT. In the very center of this castle he put a ROUNDTABLE on which there after the most brave and most noble of all knights sat!
Together Arthur, his trusted advisor the wizard Merlin and the Knights Of The Roundtable set out to search for the legendary HOLY GRAIL!

                                                                              The Idea

For all my childhood the original 1990s castle series were my favourite sets! This Fresh take on a LEGO castle is both a tribute to my childhood love for castles and my ongoing fascination for myths and history whilst also paying homage to one of my favourite movies "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", which was released precisely 45 years ago!

The build therefore represents a combination of a modern take on classic LEGO castles and Arthurian inspired fantasy elements, whilst also containing some hidden Monty Python eastereggs!

                                                                             The Castle

The whole castle build is centred around a big circular tower containing the famous Roundtable! The top of the tower is designed as open as possible to ensure a good view on the table, whilst also displaying the 8 different coat of arms of Arthur and his noble knights.

Camelot Castle further consists of:

  • a circular castle wall with a big gate and 8 smaller towers
  • 2 small houses
  • a stable with 1 horse
  • Merlin's magical laboratory
  • a blacksmith's shop
  • a big weapons rack
  • a small storeroom for supplies

The build has roughly 2600 pieces.

                                                                          The Minifigures

Camelot Castle comes with:

  • Arthur, King of the Britons
  • Arthur's trusted advisor Merlin
  • Arthur's shady nephew Mordred

And the 5 famous knights:

  • Sir Percival, the Keeper of the Grail
  • Sir Galahad, the Pure
  • Sir Lancelot, the Brave
  • Sir Bedivere, the Wise 
  • Sir Robin, the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir-Lancelot 

The build also contains 3 animals:

  • Arthur's horse Patsy
  • a European Swallow
  • a vicious Rabbit

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