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Off-world Sheriff Chase


Off-world Sheriff

The bandit is at it again! This time stealing a barrel of mineral ore from a nearby mineral depot!
Keep law and order, even in the sandy outskirts of the remote planet of Dunes, with the off-world sheriff and his buggy!
Catch thier escpae bike by using the harpoon grappling hook on your vehicle!
Proposed Set Includes:
1.) All terrain off-world Buggy
2.) Off-world Sheriff Minifigure
3.) Off-world Bandit with axe rifle
4.) Bandit's Hover skid bike 
4.) Mineral Ore (inside high tech wood barrell)
5.) Rock

Set Features:

  1. The buggy has individual articulating front wheels to conquer any terrain!
  2. Use the stud shooter to launch a grappling harpoon to prevent the bandit’s vehicle to escape.
  3. Use the HUD (heads up display) to track and find the bandit!
  4. The Barrel attaches to the back of the hover skid bike (with the mineral ore inside)


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