Product Idea

The Thunder Hawk

The Thunder Hawk: REBOOT


I've done it! 

The new and improved Thunder Hawk. 

I have cut the bick count down by 256 bricks! That leaves the count at 895 bricks (for the Engine and Tender). What I've also done is add a second train motor to the tender to up the power and as well as this I re-modelled the tender slightly.

It took me a good couple of days trying to build the Thunder Hawk from SCRATCH, but now it is finally done. In the future I will rebuild the carriges as they will be part of the set. For now I'll be focusing on my NEW project.....

Thunder Hawk: Reboot


After getting back into Lego Ideas and discovering the success the Thunder Hawk has had, I thought to myself and that it could be better. 

What I will be changing is:

- the amount of bricks will be reduced (engine and tender)

- passenger car will be added

- re-furnished cabin and passenger car/s(?)

Everyhting else will remain pretty much the same. I'm not sure if I'll change the colour scheme in the future but for now it will stay how it is.  

It's been a while...


Hey guys! 

Its been a while since I've been on lego Ideas, life and school got in the way.

I just got back on thinking that my desing would have failed with only a good 200 supporters.

I can't belive how many poeple have supported this design and how many positive comments there are!

Thank you so much for the support everyone (I might even build this prototye to showcase its potential) 

I'll be starting some more projects up soon. 

Looking foward to getting back into the community. 



Thunder Hawk Update


I have decided to release the passenger coaches for the Thunder Hawk. They are both 8 studs wide, the same width as the engine, and boosts the brick count to 1980.  I'm not sure if I should keep the second car because of the high amount of bricks used.

Once again, thanks for the support and don't forget to check out the other projects I've made. 

Thank you for the Support


Hi guys! Thanks for all the support and comments of all my projects that I have made. It really makes my day to hear the beautiful and helpful comments people reply with, especially cheeseinthepie. For the past month, I have been building quite a few projects and I wanted to tease them a bit:.