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Rocky Shores Beach

Rocky Shores Beach is a boardwalk on top of a rocky cliff near the beach with 1568 parts. I built this because there is LEGO regular boardwalk set. This would make a great LEGO set because is a nice display and is easy to build. 
Features: Beach, Video Game Arcade, Pizza Store, Ice Cream Parlor 
The Video Game Arcade has one video game, a claw machine, and cash register with prizes.
The Pizza Store first floor has a cash register, an oven, and a cooler filled with drinks. The second floor is a dining area. 
The Ice Cream Parlor has an eating area, slushy machines, a large selection of ice cream flavors, the choice of cone or cups, and a cash register.
The Beach has a sand castle, beach chair, a sunbathing carpet, a lifeguard chair, and a deck to view the ocean.
On the boardwalk, there is a rocking horse and a bench.
Includes 4 minifigures: A pizza chef, an ice cream vendor, and two average people.

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