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Ice Planet Celestial Sled V2

I am new on Cuusoo so bear with me.
As a child, I enjoyed LEGO Classic Space themes.
My absolute favorite is Ice Planet 2002.
On Mocpages, I have made over 50 MOCs out of that one theme.
Here is my newest MOC.
If you love Ice Planet 2002 like I do, support this and you may see those lovable miners in the store sometime in the future.

Now, I may be being too preachy, but I loved this theme as a kid and would like to see it in a store again.
So please, if you will, support this.
Thank you.

Just a few months ago, The Executives at Freezeworks were looking into a design for a new Civilian Transport Vehicle.
They'd seen the Success of the Celestial Sled.
It was a very versatile craft, suitable for many uses, such as , of course, a One-Man Transport, mining operations, and research missions.
So, that in mind, they designed a new Celestial sled.
It was to have an Enclosed cockpit, A heating system, Advanced computer system, and An optional probe attachment system, while still keeping the Ease of maintenance and simple Mechanics as its predecessor.
Just last week, the Celestial Sled V2 hit the Production lines and is expected to be quite popular.

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