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Fright Knights' Castle

Dear builder,

After the recent release of the Basil the Batlord minifigure in Series 25, I fell in love with the Fright Knights and decided to build them a castle.

On the front of the castle, I included a stone statue with Basil the Batlord's original helmet, to pay homage to the original minifigure. On the ground floor, I included a variety of weapons for the knights to choose from, and on the second floor, I included a room for Basil the Batlord, which I filled with all sorts of treasures. This is why the Wolfpack marauder broke into the castle and stole the purple amethyst crystal.

Apart from Basil the Batlord and the marauder, I also included a minifigure for Willa the Witch and two other Fright Knights.

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