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Galaxy Heroes


Take a journey through the universe with the Galaxy Heroes! As they protect the Energy station. There's Plex the captain, in his shining blue energy suit. Meka with her sword and red energy suit. Hack the not too bright one in his green energy suit. Tank the most lethal in his heavy gray energy suit. They all carry jet packs and unique powers to help with their duty. However this isn't a pleasure cruise with the Galaxy Heroes, this is a mission to defend the energy station from the evil, Night lord Molgar and his Shadow bots. They are here to steal the energy crystal so they can rule the universe. Molgar is dangerous though with his Night staff and he will be a challenge for the Galaxy Heroes. The enegy crystal is protected in the station's  generator, giving power to the station. There are four rooms which lead off from the generator and control panels for the station. Four movable flaps cover the generator for protection. The Night lord Molgar and his Shadow bots arrived in their Night ship armed with cannons. Can you help the Galaxy Heroes defend the station?.

This is my own unique idea that I have made. I made it for fun which I had alot of because I enjoy making new things with lego.

I believe this would make a great lego set because most people love space and lego and I hope people will enjoy this lego idea. Thank you. Please support and leave a comment, and don't forget to share.

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