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Robo Buggy

The Robo Buggy is made from Lego Technic pieces, with a motorized engine hidden inside the buggy which powers the buggy to move forwards and backwards and light up the headlights. It has a gear stick to control its forward and backwards movement. The buggy is mainly red and grey in color with cool stickers and has an engine on the front (this one doesn't move). It has four large black wheels, with cogs and 2 exhaust pipes.

I built it because I love Technic Lego and thinking of new ideas and designs. Lego is so amazing (especially Lego Technic) because of the endless possibilities. 

I believe this would make a great Lego set because it's motorized, looks cool, is strong and fun to play with. All my friends love this buggy and think it should be a Lego set.

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