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Chip Shop


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LEGO Chip Shop

Introducing the LEGO Chip Shop, with a traditional theme close to home, including the British favourite meals guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. I have chosen this design as it is something unique that we can all relate to.

A design with a corner shop layout and new shopfront with black windows frames with a traditional yet modern look. A flat above the shop with a side door entrance stairs leading up to the flat above.

There is great detail in the set, which includes the following:

Chip Shop / Ground Floor Details :

Exterior details:
  • Two lampposts to light up the street area outside.
  • Side door for access to the flat above the Chip Shop.
  • Outside light for the flat door.
  • Black traditional style windows with box frames across the bottoms.
  • Three blue and white canopies located above the shop windows and door.
  • Small window for the toilet area.

Interior Details
  • ​Fridge with opening door for cold drinks.
  • A walk in fridge freezer to keep all the food stored in and fresh.
  • A menu board with leaflets menus on either side.
  • Food preparation area with potato boxes full of potato's ready to be peeled and container to store the raw chips ready for cooking.
  • Extractor fan to keep the chip shop from getting too hot.
  • Modern counter that opens outwards, allowing staff access.
  • Salt, Vinegar and sauce bottles on the counter.
  • Papers for wrapping all the food up on the counter.
  • Area for peas, gravy, curry sauce and beans to be stored ready to be added to any meal.
  • Chip fryer with heat rack top to display the cooked food for customers to choose what they would like with their chips.
  • Four staff members in uniform, two for food preparation and two to serve the cooked food.
  • Small seating area with table for customers to eat inside.
  • Till built into the counter area.
  • Staff and customer toilet area with a toilet, sink and hand dryer.
  • Stairs leading up to the first floor flat.

First Floor Details :

Exterior Details:
  • Fish & Chips shop fascia with added fish.
  • Extractor fan, external vent
  • Hidden birds nest behind sign.
  • Satellite dish.
  • Four large windows allowing plenty of light into the rooms of the flat.

Interior Details:

Kitchen Area:
  • Cooker.
  • Sink area with splash back.
  • Fridge freezer.
  • Modern design kitchen cupboards with black tiles surround
  • Wall clock.

Bathroom Area:
  • Bath.
  • Modern Sink.
  • Mirror.
  • Toilet
  • Plant on stand

Bedroom Area:
  • Bed.
  • Cabinets.
  • Standing Light.
  • Small TV.
  • Side Table with flowers in vase
  • Rug on floor
  • Shelf on wall with ornament's

Living Room Area:
  • 2 sofas
  • Big screen TV.
  • Standing Light.
  • Stereo cabinet
  • 2 Glass topped side cabinet one with plant decoration
  • Glass and wood display shelves with items on display
  • Rug in middle of floor area
There is also a combination of meals that can be created see the food image for ideas on what to serve to the customers please see the food image.

The set is made of 2200 pieces and each floor slides into each other allowing easy access.
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