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Lelit Mara X Espresso Machine

I built this specific espresso machine as it is the one I've purchased and use on the daily. I did heaps of research on e61 grouphead and heat exchange machines. This specific machine has some hidden tech that eases the workflow and knowledge gap required to operate efficiently. This is a common form for home espresso machines and looks similar to most others on the market with the exception of the height to width ratio. The Mara series is slimmer, taller, with the controls crammed together more of the face.

I've built this for selfish reasons as I simply want this model on my shelf, but with the popularity of the machine, I'm excited to share it with everyone else.

Side note: The chrome/black version is what I would build in an ideal world as that looks like my customized machine. Fully chrome would look most like the machine. The gray with black can be built with pieces from Pick a Brick, while the gray with red is more similar to what is in the box as it includes a recognizable red tamper.

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