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Hero Factory: Two-head Scorpion

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You'd probably recognize this figure from my earlier set, Hero Factory Finale

But what is it exactly? Where does it come from?

The Two-head scorpion was scourging the desert when the brains came down in their strange crafts. However, only one brain found this creature. When the brain fused to the closest head, the tail-head, the scorpion hid in a burrowed hole as it tried to get the brain off. However, real quickly the brain learned how to communicate with the front head. After a long conversation, they climbed out, only to find the battle over, with the Heroes victorious. The brain then told the scorpion of their plan B. They then went to the meeting place to await the mysterious creator of the brains. Now, they are rampaging across the world of Macuhero. However, the scorpion has begun to wonder whether he is on the right side, and has begun to resist the brain. Will he free his companion? Or will he succumb to evil? You decide (in the comments).

This is a picture of the Two-head scorpion before it was infected. As you may notice, not much has changed, do to the fact that only one of the heads is under control of a brain.

Here are the two Two-head scorpions side by side.

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