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Union Pacific Inspired Locomotive

Union Pacific Inspired Locomotive

Hello everyone :)

I have allways dreamed of a really big functional locomotive made with Lego bricks. Sadly Lego isn't really into trains. So this is my take on such a set. It would be a display piece for most of us train enthusiasts but it would also feature PowerFunctions which enable you to drive the model on standard Lego Tracks. It is mostly modelled after the first waggon of the Union Pacific Big Blow Turbine.

This locomotive is not meant to be integrated into a Lego City due to its large size:

The main body is 8 studs wide + attachments which round it up to 10 studs or ~8cm (~3inches). The length of the model adds up to about  80 studs or ~64cm (~25inches).

The roof is removeable to accsess the battery box and see the interior mechanisms. The final model would also have cabin interior.

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