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Sea of Thieves: Stephen's Spoils Sea Post

This model represents a sea post that can be found in Rare Ltd's videogame: Sea Of Thieves. The build includes Stephen's store, his pier, and the warning brazier alerting ships of the small seap posts' presence. On the end of the pier you can find the sea posts' resident Hunter's call representative, the famous Merrick, doing what he does best - fishing. Marine life flourishes beneath the sanctuary of the sea posts beams, drawing sharks to the area. I decided to build this in appreciation for Sea Of Thieves, a game that I have been a long time fan of, I find the various sea posts dotted around the world quaint and very interesting in design attempting to capture their charm in Lego form. I believe Lego and nautical/pirate themes go hand in hand, with some of my favourite sets consisting of pirates and POTC models. Considering the advancements in Lego bricks and building techniques, there is great potential to expand the number of sets in these themes.

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