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Seafront Stories


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Just a local Fish & Chip shop on the sea front… or is there more than meets the eye? Every set has stories to tell and this is no exception.

Seafront Stories
Our Fish & Chip shop owner Phil is being pushed to the brink, the bills are mounting as business is bad, and the clowder of cats are more interested in his leftovers than the rats that keep sneaking in to his storeroom. Maybe he shouldn’t have spent all his money on that new 3D sign. Though does this justify his new method of sourcing local produce, with dynamite in the waterway?!

Maybe it’s not the cats that are taking his leftovers. A fishing rod is lowered from the first floor flat, where a website promising fish and chips delivered speedily to your door is being run by a plucky group of students, led by Vic. Though it looks as though they’re down to just one delivery rider…

Luckily the police are on hand to investigate this suspicious activity. Although constable Colin seems more interested in investigating the food… as do the Seagulls.

All that stress means Phil blows his top when Barbara orders a small battered fish! Although maybe her feline loving ways are the real reason the cats keep turning up out the back.

All the while the old fisherman spends his days back in his attic room, looking at an old picture of what looks to be a mermaid. A mermaid which looks awfully like the stone statue on the building. A curse? A long-lost love? Or is it just a story?

A clam with a black pearl inside remains hidden in the waterway underneath the shop. Maybe Phil’s dynamite will explode it free…

The Idea
I’ve always loved Lego sets that as you build them, tell a story that reveals itself brick by brick, and once they are displayed keep telling stories as you interact with the final model. My idea was to create something which leant in to that feeling as much as possible, so everything in the set was designed to link to everything else, all the details, the minifigures and the building itself.

Where better a setting than the nostalgic and quaint, quintessential Fish & Chip shop at the seaside? This model can act as a display piece next to other gifts and trinkets from seaside visits gone by, or be just as at home next to other Lego sets which have their own stories to tell.

It comes in at 2,624 pieces, on a 32x32 baseplate, so can be integrated like a modular building, or displayed as a stand-alone set.

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