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Space Trooper Transport


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If you need to transport your space troopers, call the Space Trooper Transport, STT for short. The STT is heavily armored and has 4 fixed guns and 2 removable guns. The STT can reach speeds up to 2,000 mph. Note: this is not a gunship, just an armored transport.



The STT has 2 modes for transportation. One, when going in the air it uses hover mode. Two, when on the ground the hover pods fold up and the STT can glide over almost any terrain.

In the front of the STT there is a stud shooter. On the back there are three laser guns that are fixed. There are also two laser guns that are removable so the troopers can take them off.

One trooper controls the fixed guns, one mans the stud shooter, and two ride.


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