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Super Arcade

This idea came to me in a dream,
In my dream I saw myself playing inside an Arcade building that is itself designed like a giant arcade machine! 
The control panel becomes a nice balcony, the buttons are colorful tables for friends to sit and chat. There was also a well-trimmed tree that looks like a big joystick.
The screen is a giant window, and you can see various games and machines inside.
I drafted the idea down as soon as I woke up, and started building it with LEGO.

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This arcade building has 3 levels (game pun intended :)
Each level has its own unique set of arcade games.
Level 1 
  • Dance dance brick-volution machine
  • 2 claw machines
Level 2 
  • Basketball machine
  • Classic joystick game
  • Laser aim
  • Bike racer and more!
Level 3 
  • Air hockey
  • Punch-ball machine
  • Bonus level: A little staircase leads to a half level, where you can find:
  • Drums master 
  • Classic racer game

The Balcony resembles the control panel of classic arcade, with colorful button tables, and the big joystick tree.

The Screen becomes a giant window.
You can see the various games inside. You can also open the glass roof or the hinged back wall to access the interior.

Bonus features
  • External staircase connecting between the 3 levels.
  • Brick-built “Arcade” neon sign, doubling as the Marquee of the giant arcade.
  • Neon Arc entrance decorated with retro-style yellow pixels, enhancing the retro-game aesthetic.
  • Brick-wall textures on the east and west walls
These features were added to ground the model as a lively building with a good scale to LEGO minifigures.

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What is your favorite arcade game? Are there games you want to add inside the building?
 Please tell me in the comments. Cheers!

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