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Lionel The Red Comet (Loco #264E)


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This is a replication of Lionel's iconic Red Comet train set. It took hard work to replicate this into Lego Bricks. The Locomotive took a lot of work because of the unique shape in the front. In 2014, I built only the Pullman Car and the Tender​. I decided to call off on building the Locomotive itself. In November of 2016, I took it upon myself to finally do what needed to be done. After I built the Locomotive​, I realized that the ​Observation Car​ should be built. In November of 2016​, I posted this to ​Lego Ideas​ for the first time. Unfortunately, it only got up to ​61 supporters​. Now, ​the Red Comet ​is here again for the world to see!

Details include:

  • 2-4-2 wheel arrangement
  • rotating front and back wheels on ​Locomotive
  • ​firebox with large pressure gauges (unprinted)
  • Lionel logo ​in front below light (unprinted)
  • ladders and handle bars on Tender
  • Lionel logo​ in back (unprinted)
  • ​Pullman logo and ​numbers on each side of each ​Pullman Car ​on white plates(unprinted)
  • Pullman logo and numbers on each side of the ​Observation Car ​on white plates (unprinted)
  • ​two pairs of seats with tables in all passenger cars
  • luggage containers in all passenger cars
  • railing on edges of Observation Car

 I noticed on one occasion that the wheels on the Locomotive ​are set apart exactly as if a ​Power Functions ​motor would fit. I will make adjustments one day to where the Red Comet can run on ​Power Functions​. I hope you all enjoyed this! By cheesy. 1/4/2017

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