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Modular Gas Station And Diner


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In 2007, LEGO released the famous Café Corner (10182) - the first ever official set in the modular building line. Since then, LEGO has made seventeen additions to the impressive list, the most recent being the Jazz Club (10312) from 2023. 
The modular buildings are consistently some of LEGO’s best-selling sets, and have become beloved amongst LEGO fans for their level of detail and realism. Many fans have come up with their own proposals for additions to the line, and so here I present mine: Jeff’s Gas Station and Diner. 
The proposed model is a 1950s gas station business and diner. The model includes a one-storey building with a detailed interior and roof, as well as a large angular canopy and two car fuelling bays. 
The set consists of around 1,500 pieces and sits on two baseplates with a combined footprint of 32 X 48 studs. It includes six minifigures, as well as two cars which can seat one and two minifigures respectively. 
The model divides into three main sections: the base, the diner roof, and the canopy. Each of these sections can be removed for ease of access. 
The diner:

The main building in this set is the diner, which has four detailed rooms. The first is the diner itself. It includes features such as a long counter for customers to sit at, a jukebox, a gumball machine, a cash register, wall decorations, and a counter on the back wall which connects to the kitchen behind. 
Moving through the door on the back wall of the diner, one can find the kitchen, which includes details such as a large stove, a fridge, a kitchen sink, and cooking utensils. There is also a trolley included for moving orders back and forth between the diner and the kitchen. 
Beside the kitchen, accessible from the exterior of the building, are two bathrooms. These both include a toilet and sink, as well as air ventilation and a wall-mounted mirror. 
The gas station:

The gas station adjacent to the diner includes two car bays, each with four fuelling pumps. Overhanging the car bays is the large angled canopy, which is supported by five struts anchored to the ground and the roof of the diner. 
The street also includes small details such as lamp posts, a trash can, and a newspaper box. 
I believe that this model would make a good set because LEGO hasn’t made a proper gas station set for some time, and never in the modular building style, so this would be the perfect opportunity. The style of the model also fits well with other buildings in the modular building line, making it an appropriate addition. 
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