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Acrobatic Biplane

Inspired by a local tour guide who flies his red biplane over my home and along the coastline each summer, I humbly present my take on the famous acrobatic biplane that is so prevalent amongst airshows, flight tours, and farmlands the world over. This model features:

  • 1,056 pieces (excluding minifigures)
  • classic red color scheme
  • rotating propeller
  • removable engine compartment
  • brick-built radial engine
  • adjustable wing flaps
  • minifigure scale dual cockpit with flight controls and stick
  • adjustable vertical and horizontal stabilizers on the tail
  • elegant and secure display stand
  • uses only currently-available parts and colors (including printed windscreen and flight controls)
  • nearly studless, yet strong construction (making it very swooshable!)

Further refinement to the color scheme and livery is possible, with numerous surfaces primed and available for printed parts and sticker decals. Minifigures and accessories are further additions that would really round this design out should it pass the mark. This model also provides for solid structure and framework to build other high or low-wing aircraft, expanding opportunities to build out an entire series of model planes for collectors to proudly display.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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