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Galaga Zako bug


I'm back with another Galaga idea! The yellow bee-looking bug from the well known and loved retro arcade game. As I said in my first Galaga project, I believe that the lack of backstory to the Galaga games leaves a lot of room for imagination and creativity on the part of anyone playing with a set like this. Plus, it would look great as a display model for those of us who don't usually run around the house making laser sounds with ships in our hands. 

     After making the main Galaga good-guy ship, I thought this would be a natural set to make next, and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I decided to make it a drone, as opposed to a manned ship or an animal. But if no minifigure would be a problem, it could easily include an alien commander or something. 

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     Thanks for your time, and if you, like me, would love to see this idea become a reality, please vote and tell your friends.


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