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Concrete Pump Truck


This is my first lego ideas project, a concrete pump truck. Concrete pump trucks are real vehicles, and they are used on construction sites to pump concrete onto higher or lower levels. When not in use, they can fold up so it can be transported. The concrete gets poured into a hopper on the rear of the truck, and then gets pumped onto a higher level or lower level.

This Lego concrete pump truck has stabilizers that can fold out when in use and fold back in when not in use. The boom section of the truck can fold out or fold in, and the whole boom can be rotated. 

This set is intended for kids 6-12 years old, and the price should be around 20-30 dollars. The difficulty level should be easy-medium. 



  • Stabilizers can be folded out
  • Boom section can be unfolded and rotated
  • Has 4 axles and 8 wheels.
  • The truck is 6 studs wide
  • Contains 226 pieces

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