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batman, poison ivy's botanical garden

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batman, poison ivy's botanical garden.
the set has 876 pieces!
with the botanical garden, batman's bat-buggy, ivy's limo and a giant mutand plant!
the set has 3 minifigs:
* batman
* poison ivy (on the pictures you see her 3 times but you only get her ones!)
* botanical gardener (mutand)
in the botanical garden ar many plants. you can also open the roof of the building.

special thanks to my friend Tim, for helping me get some supporters.
here is a link to his youtube chanel

here you can see the inside of the garden.
it has some flowers and plants in it and also a little mutand plant, also a place for ivy to sit.
the plant that sticks out of the window/wall, is a mega-ism.
if you push the plant up, the window that is under it, will fall of!

these ar the cars:
the bat-buggy and poison ivy's botanical limo.
in ivy's limo is place for 2 minifigs and it also has 2 flick fire missiles!
there ar also some plants that ar on the limo.
the bat-buggy has a giant engine an 4 flick fire missiles!
also booth of the cars have flames on the back.

this is the giant mutand plant.
it has a place fot ivy to sit.
the neck part is moveable.

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